Cath coaching at the Nikita x Subvert Girls Shred Day in 2019. Photo by Nauris Putenis.

What is Shanko’s Skate School?
Shanko’s Skate School is a professional skateboard coaching service based in East London, ran by experienced skateboard coach, Cath Shanks.
Primarily focusing on grass roots and entry-level skateboard coaching, learning with Shanko’s is a really great way to build confidence on your board. Whether it’s your first time, or you’ve been skating for a while and simply need a little guidance.
We sincerely believe that skateboarding should be for for everyone. So if you want to learn, no matter what your age, gender, experience or anything! Please get in touch!

Why choose Shanko’s?
* Over 8 years of sports coaching experience
* Nationally qualified skateboard coach
* DBS checked
* Safeguarding trained
* First Aid trained

About Cath:
Over the past 5 years, Cath has delivered hundreds of skateboard coaching sessions to a whole host of people; in schools, at skateparks and even at events such as Glastonbury Festival! Starting with a casual coaching role at Projekts MCR skatepark in Manchester, she then secured a full-time role at the park as Female Development Officer.
This involved taking the lead on a two-year long Comic Relief funded project, which focused on improving the lives of young women and girls in Manchester, through skateboarding.

“Working on the Women and Girls project in Manchester for the past few years has been an absolute dream. Skateboarding is a natural self-confidence booster and this project has changed the lives of so many young women. At the start they would come into the sessions absolutely terrified at the thought of even standing on a skateboard, and by the end of it they’d be rolling around and not wanting to get off! Likewise in terms of social confidence, at the start of the project, some of the girls would whisper their name and rarely spoke in front of the group, by the end of it they were taking the lead in group games and activities. It’s such an incredible feeling to watch somebody realise their own potential and then take ownership of their own hopes and dreams. That’s why I want to continue working in skateboarding and use it as a tool to help people improve their lives, as it has mine and so many others'”

Now, after relocating to London, Cath is hoping to build on the work she’s done in Manchester, and has thus far launched Shanko’s Skate School. Alongside delivering a professional skateboard coaching service to London locals, she endeavours to do her bit to try and make skateboarding as accessible a possible for those who might not otherwise be able to access it. Be that through offering free coaching sessions to people less fortunate, or delivering targeted projects which work with hard-to-reach groups.

Keep an eye on the NEWS page for updates on upcoming events, projects and other exciting announcements and blog pieces, and thank you for visiting Shanko’s Skate School!