Project Announcement: ROLL Models.

Photo: Imogen Anderson


Shanko’s Skate School announces ROLL Models funded project is to take place in partnership with Laburnum Boat Club this summer!

The ROLL Models programme was originally launched in October 2019 in a collaboration between Skateistan and Women Win. Cath was selected as one of the first 25 ROLL Models in early 2020, however due to Covid-19 the course had to be adapted and it caused a delay in the delivery of her project. However, this summer she is finally able to deliver the project! and will be doing so at/with Laburnum Boat Club.

To find out more about the ROLL Models Programme, Laburnum Boat Club and the model of Cath’s project, see below:


ROLL Models is a programme ran by Skateistan and Women Win, aimed at supporting female leadership in skateboarding and inspiring the next generation of girls to be empowered, active and healthy.

In April last year, 25 ‘ROLL Models’ were selected for their 2020 programme. These ROLL Models were to design and develop skateboarding projects aimed at encouraging girls and women to get rolling in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK.

Each ROLL Model participated in a leadership development programme, focused on designing and delivering skateboarding projects for girls, with excellence. The original plan was to deliver a week long leadership camp for everyone to attend in Belgium, however… since COVID-19 struck and restrictions in Europe were introduced, the ROLL Models had to connect with each other via a series of interactive webinars(on Zoom of course). Additionally, each ROLL Model received a grant to fund their project idea, as well as receiving ongoing support and guidance from Skateistan and Women Win.


Laburnum Boat Club is a small children’s charity based in Hackney, that promotes social development for young people through outdoor activities. They aim to be a positive force for changing lives in a safe and supportive environment.

Usually you can catch their young people out in boats on the canals, halfway up a climbing wall or learning life skills in the kitchen. After a meeting with Beth, their deputy co-ordinator, it seemed like skateboarding would be a welcome addition to their already exciting roster of activities, so the planning started there! Now, we’re all set to start later this month.

Here’s what Beth has to say about the project:
“We are super excited to be able to offer this Leadership through Skateboard course as it fits so well with our holistic approach to helping young people develop their confidence, employability and skills, while building new peer groups through challenging and fun activities. Our members are going to love it!”


The project is going to be focussing on teaching Leadership through Skateboarding. It will be offered and delivered to disadvantaged and disabled young womxn in Hackney, ages 9-18. It will consist of a 2-day skate ‘camp’ in August followed by some after school sessions for continued development.

The aim is to teach leadership skills and grow confidence through skateboarding, as well as encouraging individual creativity through art workshops and engaging with peers through challenging group activities. The 2 day camp will be a safe space for the girls to learn, grow and support each other as a team and hopefully create long lasting friendships. The girls will then pass on their learnings by helping others during the after school continued development sessions.

Follow @shankosskateschool to keep up to date with the project and any other work!

For information on how to get involved or support any future projects, please email!

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