PR0JECT ANNOUNCEMENT: Coach in your corner.


I am extremely excited and honoured to announce that I have been picked as one of sixteen sports coaches from across the UK and US to be a part of the ‘Coach in your Corner’ project organised by Gurls Talk, supported by Nike and Women Win.

See the announcement post on Instagram, here:

We had a launch meeting the day it was announced, it was great to meet virtually, find out a little more about all of the other coaches and get an idea of what we have in store for the next 12 months.

Our next meeting takes place in the beginning of December and I am really excited to take part in this amazing project, to learn and further develop my own skills and confidence when talking about and supporting young gurls with their mental health. To build some really effective materials to help other coaches, to share stories, experiences, support each other and develop meaningful relationships with this inspiring team of coaches.

Stay tuned for updates – and thanks again to Gurls Talk, Nike and Women Win for this incredible opportunity.

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